Valentine’s Day Experience

red log-shaped dessert in white dish with roses in the background


YELLOWTAIL CRUDO white shoyu and yuzu vin, cucumber, rice crackers, korean chili

WAGYU EYE OF ROUND TARTARE pickled onions, green goddess powder, elephant garlic confit, buttermilk dressing, house focaccia

OYSTERS champagne pearls, rose water froth, classic mignonette

MOREL MUSHROOMS tempura fried, green garlic mayo, herb salt


HOKKAIDO SCALLOPS spring asparagus vichyssoise, hazelnut brown butter, chicken skin, trout roe

AGNOLOTTI black truffle-yukon gold potato filled, stepladder butter sauce, truffles, potato crumble

DUCK CONFIT golden beets, pearl onions, cali fromage blanc, arugula, blood orange, black pepper-blackberry puree

SMOKED CAULIFLOWER herby hummus, goat horn peppers, skhug sauce, garlic confit-butter naan


WAGYU ZABUTON pickled mustard seeds, charred cone cabbage, dr. brown’s onion soubise, aerated thousand island fondue

KING SALMON creamed kale, au poivre, smashed butterballs, garlic scapes, anchovy butter

CHICKEN FRIED LIONS MANE english pea puree, charred snap pea-fava bean salad, ricotta salata, scallion aminos, yeast butter

LAMB NECK parsnip, castelvatrano olive chimi, oak smoke


PISTACHIO SPONGE raspberry confit, cream cheese mousse

STRAWBERRY MOUSSE strawberry rose compote, cherry blossom cake

CHOCOLATE FOREST CAKE luxardo cherry compote, chocolate mousse