Our Story

Featuring Chef Emeritus, Jon Sloan

Starting a Conversation

In 2014, owner Michael Rosen saw the potential in an old abandoned warehouse on the northern edge of San Diego's Little Italy and decided it was time to start a serious conversation about food, wine, local ingredients, and what they are all capable of when treated with passion, precision, and inventiveness.

For the Love of Food

What started as a love letter to San Diego, food, and wine has become a catalyst of eclectic west-coast fine dining; a movement defined by fresh, locally sourced ingredients, inventive chef-driven technique and artful plating designed for sharing.

Constantly Moving Food Forward

Our menu today is nearly unrecognizable from our menu on opening night, or the menu from last week for that matter. Our inspirations and offerings are constantly rotating in order to highlight the freshest, most seasonal ingredients. However, the thread that ties all of the food we put out remains the same: take the familiar concepts, ingredients, and techniques, and push them forward toward their full potential.